Random Rant

There is three days before my sister's wedding ceremony on Saturday. On Friday night she will be a wife to her fiancee, brother of my primary's school. Allah has set everything the best for us. Before this I hesitated to go home early or not. But on Saturday, my sister ask me to buy her sone flowers for her room's decoration and lastly, I told to my self: "I should go back, otherwise I  will waste my time, eating and sleeping."

On Monday, I decided to go home. Alhamdulillah. There is ticket to Kulim left and I can go home.

So, today I am at my home waiting for my sister's wedding. I am not help anything, not buying her gift. I just sit down and see others doing their works. But, I feel a little euphoria because after 2002, this is a large event in my home.. Really miss it. Although I am not helping in working, but I feel very happy to be with them at home.


Now, we are gather at home. Only Kak Su not at home yet because she is working as PASTI teacher and she is is working until Friday. Me? I am not going to class on Thursday. :)

Alhamdulillah. Allah give everything the best. Allah knows the best for my self and all of us. When we say Alhamdulillah, Allah will give more and more, Insya-Allah...

Pray is the most important. But we cannot forget to do well in our job. Everything.


Hah! Macam budak sekolah rendah menulis.
Qamar Jamilah, 1346 @ 17.5.2011


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